rei_rei21 (rei_rei21) wrote in fushigiyuugi,

End of the Story

I watched all episodes and OVA's of the series and in the beginning if I am not mistaken when yui is first reading the book doesn't she say that who ever reads the book gets the same number as wishes as the priestess does. But who was the readers was it yui or miaka's brother and what were their wishes?
For yui I think it was for her to be with Tamahome, so when miaka 1st left the book it was like the story ended because miaka might not have returned so yui was able to make her wish of beginning with tamahome and the book started the next story of priestess of seriyuu. But in that case then for yui's story miaka's brother and friend would have been the readers, so what were their wishes?

Any thoughts on this any one (please respond with opinions).  I  always found this very interesting, but maybe it was just something they forgot about as the series went on.

Also I was wondering at the end of the 3rd ova the one were miaka is pregnant, at the end of the ova the book returns to the library and ten their is something written on the screen in Japanese and it is not translated into English, anyone have any idea what it says. Some where a while ago I think some one said it translated into saying "Don't forget us" but I am not sure about that and I would love to know what the end says.
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